Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Powerful Weakness

My weakness makes me stumble; it laughs when I am down.
My weakness knows no foe and always stays around.
My weakness is insulting and hurls its hurtful sling
Straight at my heart and won’t back down until I feel its sting.

My gift helps me to rise up; gets me on solid ground.
My gift gives me the courage to triumphantly resound.
My gift, it knows no boundaries on this place I call my home.
Where weakness comes to steal its shine, my gift is brightly shone.

Weakness succeeded in pushing me down. It pushed me to my knees.
I begged God to remove it, thinking He’d honor my pleas.
Then He said "My grace is all you need.
My strength will be your lead."

While my weakness may endure, it’s there I find my gift.
Learning to delight in it, when I’m tempted just to quit.
God’s grace is sufficient, my weakness enables His power.
For my gift IS my weakness, it’s where God’s power comes from.

‘Cause the weaker that I get, the stronger I become.

2 Cor. 12: 1-10


Lindsay said...

LOVE this!
so powerful, so true... thanks for a visit to His word today!

Angela said...

This is great! Thank you so much for sharing!
I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Leslie said...

I love this Sharon. It's beautiful. It is so hard when the humanity in our lives comes into play-it's frustrating and just makes me so mad.

I love that God addressed this for us in the Bible. Otherwise we'd be mighty confused why certain issues continue to haunt us.

It is also comforting in a weird way to realize that some things will never go away. Knowing that we'll always deal with certain issues in our lives at least gives us self-awareness so we can give God's light to the dark areas we have.

I'm just finished with 1 Corinthians and starting 2nd in the Message. Now I can't wait!

You are so talented my friend.

Team Johnston said...

Thank you for sharing! We are praying for you guys as you are preparing for your journey!
~Danielle :)

The Reckling Family said...

Well this just hits me right where I am today. 12 years ago almost exactly, Brian and I were planning our first mission trip as a married couple. We knew that God was calling us to the mission field. We always thought that we'd be called overseas. We were truly ready to move away! Then came the diabetes diagnosis. Then came the Graves Disease diagnosis. Then came kidney stones. Then came complications from diabetes and more kidney stones. Is this our "thorn"? Paul goes as far as to say "I delight in weakness". I just don't know if I can do that yet. So, we're still here. Three kids and countless short term mission trips later...doing what God is leading us to do, but not what we thought He was going to lead us to do. Is that not crazy? Is He making us stronger? Good thing I don't have to be the judge of that!

LizzyG said...

I loved reading this Sharon. What I loved most was it caused me to get out my Bible and read 2 Cor. 12:1-10. The verses just jumped off the pages and spoke so clearly to me; especially verse 10.
Thank you!

Stefanie said...

Sharon, I'm assuming you wrote this and am awestruck! I'm thinking you not only have a heart for the Lord that makes us all want more too, but that you probably were one of those 1400 on the SATs kinda a brain too! You amaze me and while I am on that subject, I think your husband is pretty special too!

Joshua & Valerie said...

A little birdy told me that you had a great post. The birdy told the truth! ;)

LizzyG said...

I'm a little worried about my blog-buddy. I can't believe you have a torn ligament. Will it repair itself, or will you need surgery? And how will this affect your trip to Africa? I can't imagine you will be able to walk on it in 13 days. Anyways, just thinking about you, and hoping everything will work out.