Monday, September 24, 2007

Not Everything's Free

Riverfest Admission: Free

Watching the BFC Skateboarders: Free

Seeing the BMX dudes fly through the air: Free

Marveling at the motocross stunts: Free

Worshipping with tens of thousands: Free

Dancing with your middle school daughter to Jars of Clay: Free

Witnessing hundreds come to Christ: Death on the cross

Thank you, Jesus, for your sacrifice. And thank you RSA for the boldness to proclaim the gospel in such a magnificent way.


Joshua & Valerie said...

Awesome! I'm glad that ya'll got to go to Riverfest. How cool! What an amazing event. So many lives were touched by it, I'm sure. So many decisions made, so many seeds planted. Awesome!

Team Johnston said...

It was an awesome event! I am so happy we were able to go! There was even a small outreach during the kids show. I bet thousands of lives were changed just by going.
~danielle :)

Glory Laine said...

We didn't go but I could hear almost everyword to everysong on my walk last night. That was fun.

Angela said...

Free is a very good price!!!
Sounds like so much fun!

mcmom said...

Praise the Lord that we live in a town where an event like this can take place!!!!

LizzyG said...

You really need to contact an advertising firm and start writing commercials. I love the way you wrote and titled this post. And yes, so thankful for the lives that were saved! Wishing I could have witnessed the celebration in heaven, I bet it was awesome!

momaof4 said...

Cute page. I don't usually go to pages and read the post. Mostly through bloglines.

Super cute.

Wish we could have gone, but didn't really like the idea of 4 little ones with so many big ones. Hope we can do it again so we can go.

ChickideeLilly said...

Yep it was awesome. So glad you all got to go Sharon. It will be exciting to hear more about the impact it made in Salem.

Stefanie said...

We visited the presentation of Narnia on Sunday afternoon. Maisie made it through but 5 minutes and Daphne enjoyed most of it until she started shaking so badly out of fear, that her daddy decided it was best to leave. But we enjoyed seeing such a successful event with the most important purpose - sharing Christ!

Leslie said...

Amen, amen!

You just preached a great sermon.