Friday, July 20, 2007

Camp Cherith Legacy

It's that time of year! Every July, I make my annual trek up north for a fun-filled week at Cascade Camp Cherith. It's a camp through Pioneer Clubs, which is like a Christian Girl Scouts type of thing. It's really awesome and I'm always so excited to go! In fact, I've been going there since 1982! I guess I just can't get enough! The coolest thing now, though, is that my kids get to come with me! I'm the counselor for the high school aged girls, so I'm not with my daughters very much, but it's so much fun to see them at meals and other passings during the day.

Here I am in 1982 with my very first counselor!

This is Gabby's first time at camp back in 2003. She's in the striped shirt.

And here's Greta's first year of camp in 2005, canoeing with Maggie.

I covet your prayers throughout the week as I minister and build relationships with my high school girls, and for my own kids that they truly have a fun time and experience God in a real and powerful way.

See you all in a week!


Leslie said...

I'll be praying for you this week. After all the packing and preparation, it's really God's work to use us and for us to allow Him to do that. I'll be looking forward to the stories we'll have to share after camp about what God did and also about the fun we've had.

It's amazing how much Gabby looks like you. I also LOVE the rainbow shirts-why can't they do those over again?

Team Johnston said...

Hope you guys have an awesome time! We will say some extra prayers for you this week!
-Danielle :)

Joshua & Valerie said...

I showed Josh the pic from '82 and I asked him if he knew who that was. He said "Greta?". No! "Gabby?" No!

He didn't even know I was on your page. I think I can see both your daughters in that pic, too!!!

Angela said...

Have a great time!!!
I love that you have the picture of you and your first counselor.
So cute!!!

priscilla tilgner said...

love the pics! especially the one of you. you look just like gabby or shall i say she looks just like you!