Friday, October 3, 2008

Conversation Killers

Example #1

Setting: Walmart
Purpose: Purchasing one yard of purple fabric to cover the box of Aunt Lauren's remains for the memorial service
Salesperson: "Oh, what a great color! Are you making a cape for a Halloween costume?"

Example #2

Setting: Alaska Airlines flight
Purpose: Returning home from the funeral in San Jose
Flight Attendant Seth: "Did you and your girls have a great time in San Jose? Did you all go to Great America?"

This is my life lately. : )


Lindsay said...

OH my goodness... conversation killers is right.

Hope things start "livening" up in your world soon!

** you've been missed in Blog world... how's that for a "good thought" aka... internet conversation

Joshua & Valerie said...

A bit of a laugh, a bit of a sigh.

Yes, so glad you are back in Blogland!

In case you had no've been living quite a life lately. How are you still sane? You have a good sense of humor. Humor changes perspective. Humor does keep us sane at times, doesn't it?

Mrs. Ranch said...

Yep, I have actually said something along those line to you guys in a phone message....remember? I was horrified.

I so hate those kinds of situations, they are super uncomfortable. Hey, at least I gave you some practice on how to handle them!

Ona said...

I'm guilty of conversations like this...hate it!

Molly said...

I guess you could have added a third one... "Have fun in California!"

Sometimes its really better to say nothing at all. I'm glad you can see the humor in all of this.

KLB said...

Oh my gosh! That would totally be me, the one saying the stupid things to people! I hope things are better.

Thinking of you

Nelleflower said...

Oh ouch......those are no fun. I have had those many times......just smile & say thank you.......ha ha.....


I haven't listened to PFR for some time! Great memories!

February Jill said...

Well at least those folks were trying to be friendly. Doesn't it give you fresh perspective on your interactions with strangers? You just never know what people are going through that day.

Hang in there!

momaof4 said...

Love you guys

Tiffany said...

Oh my. I think those might be "smile and nod" moments. So sorry you were not able to truthfully say, "Yup, you are exactly right!" in response. I hope things take a turn to the happier side soon!